Saturday, 17 July 2010

Horrockses Fabrics

A selection of my favourite Horrockses fabrics. This one is by Graham Sutherland.

These are Alistair Morton designs. Other designers Horrockses worked with include Pat Albeck and Eduardo Paolozzi.


  1. Thanks for sharing another unique way of using clothing fabric. You really have a good design.
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  2. I love these fabrics. I have 'pinned 'this picture to my 'pinterest' board. I hope thats OK. Our branch of the embroiderers guild are working on a display of Horrockses dresses for our regional meeting in Preston in April. (The home of Horrockses) and each producing a Horrockses dress shape embroidered with an appropriate motif. I love the colours and shapes and graphic details in the bottom one so I am using the picture for my inspiration. Many thanks for sharing it.